Primero Android App incompatibility with V2.0 webapp

The primero app that is available for android: (, used to work with V1.7 instances. But now that we have moved to V2.0, it no longer lets us log in and use the system. We have checked multiple times with various deployments and user credentials, it always gives us the same error: “Sorry please check your username, password, or the URL”. Has the development team dropped support for the app with V2.0, and if that’s the case does using the web app from a mobile browser provide the same functionality, such as offline mode and sync when the network is available?

Hi there. Version 2 of Primero is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means that it is able to function offline in the Google Chrome browser. This eliminates the need for a separate mobile app. Please check out this video for some guidance on how offline mode works in Primero v2: Primero V2 Offline Mode - YouTube

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