Primero tier3 installation support from Primero dev team

Hey Primero support team, how i can get in contact with the Primero support team for tier3 installation. requesting for an urgent support

You should contact your unicef focal point

@irlawrence we are new in Primero platform and we have no contact of any UNICEF focal point person. any leads will be appreciated

Ok, so maybe lets back up a little to find out more about your situation.
Where is your system installed? Did you install the system or did someone else do that for you? Is it currently in production? What is the error you are getting?

Hi and thanks for your interest,
We use this community site for support requests. For a new rollout, please go to the CPIMS+ site and submit a request on the bottom of this page: Support - The CPIMS+
We can then connect you with the correct team.