Promoting config to other environments

We are unable to see the option “SEND” in the configurations screen when logged in as a super user as mentioned in the below documentation.

Please do let us know how do we enable this functionality and if we are missing out anything.

Hi there,
Just to get clarity, when you are experiencing this issue, are you on a demo site? Which implementation (posting a URL is helpful) are you working in?

Hey ,
We have cloned this and tried the functionality in local.
please refer to the screenshot below.

System Version

You need to have 2 instances set up (a demo and production). You then make config changes to allow promotion (on demo adding the prod url and on prod allowing permissions)

@irlawrence is there a instruction on this? thanks

This is a feature of the SaaS version of Primero so no. Having said that its not too difficult to work out if you poke at the code

It is here