Radio button values not showing up

Hi All,

I was doing a migration from V1 to V2 and i noticed that the radio button doesn’t show up properly the first time unless we reload.
I checked from back end and the data was still present and in correct format.
Can anyone please look into it

Ajit shetty

I have verified this. Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:
1.) Login as primero_admin_cp. Go to the forms list and edit the Child’s Details form (the first form to appear for users editing a case). Add a radio button called “Does the child live in a camp?” with the “Yes or No” lookup as options. Save the form.
2.) Logout and log back in as primero_cp. Edit any case and give the “Does the child live in a camp?” field the value “Yes.” Save. Note that this saved correctly.
3.) Open an incognito window and login as primero_cp again. Go to the same case. Note that the radio button appears as blank.
4.) Switch to another form and then back. Note that the field is filled out again.

Quoin will work to resolve this. Here is the relevant ticket:

This is fixed in 2.4.3