Refresh data in Power BI through DirectQuery from Primero

Hi support team,

I am refreshing the data in the Primero Power BI dashboard as usual, normally it is working okay, however this time, it pull only 1000 row data to refresh (i.e. showing cases from 2021-2024), I could not find cases before 2021. As a result, only 999 cases show in the refresh dashboard as apposed to all the total cases from Primero. Do you know what might be the reason? is there any change with Primero that effect this DirectQuery? or it is about Power BI? Please suggest solution.

Thank you very much.
Phanneth Khauv

Hi Phanneth, we are still working on a solution for this as we are trying to learn a bit more about PowerBI. I will update you within the next week about how we can solve this.