Regarding GSoC this year

Hi everyone. I want to contribute to Primero user customization package project.
Guide me from where to start my contribution.

Hello, you can read more about the product on our support hub and documentation is under the “Documentation” tab. Source code is available on our open-source repository:

Now i have started to build it locally.

Hey @aashim1garg
It would be best to look at the version 2 development branch and build on that
Its a React app built on top of a Ruby API so should be pretty straightforward to build some nice themes

Ok @irlawrence
Thanks for your suggestion

i just installed the docker and docker-compose but when i went into the docker directory it is showing cd: docker: No such file or directory

Hi @aashim1garg

You need to check out the primero source code from the repository. For example:

mkdir ~/Dev/tmp
cd ~/Dev/tmp
git clone
cd primero

We then need to get the specific branch for v2 work. To fetch a specific branch, you need to do this:

git fetch origin

This will fetch all of the remote branches for you. With the remote branches in hand, you now need to check out the branch you are interested in, giving you a local working copy:

git checkout -b development_v2 origin/development_v2

You can check this by doing

git branch

which should show you development_v2. Then move into the docker folder and follow the rest of the README such as install Solr etc. is a markdown file and so part of the documentation

I was making the proposal and was having some doubts regarding it. Like in Improving the front end skins what we have actually do the content is properly divided in the sections and have information in them. Do we have to add features in the website or enhance the website in mobile view?

We can enhance the footer designs or add more information to it.

Thanks for the issue you filed!.I think though that you filed it against the primero web site and as I understand it the user customization work is about the actual primero app itself. Try to get a dev env set up using the tutorial I just posted

yes surely i will have a look at it.

I was about to finish my installation but have this little issue while creating the database.

Is postgresql running and accepting connections?

sudo  ./ up -d postgres

Yes the error was regarding this as I had to restart this again!

Thanks @irlawrence for for an amazing documentation which helped me to build the project easily without much issues…

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