Reported and observed issues by users

Hello everyone,
Could someone help out with the following points:

1- in the Demo version, although I have specified Arabic language for new accounts, all case fields are still in English, which makes it difficult to use for training purposes for non-English speakers
2- in “Services” in “Services/Follow up” tab, “Implementing Agency” field dropdown is empty, where it should fetch Agencies
3- “Follow up needed by” field which accepts date in “Follow up” tab is transelated to “Follow up needed by person” in both Arabic and Kurdish
4- “Caregiver Relationship” in Closure tab accepts text as input, it would be much more convinient if it was a dropdown just like in “Caregiver Relationship to the Child” field in Care Arrangement tab in Registration tab as reported by many users
5- in Services/Follow up → Services, adding a new service, in the field “Did you refer the client to this service” which is dropdown list, there is a mistranslation from English to Arabic: the first option of the list (Referred) is translated to “يشار” which should be translated to “تمت الاحالة”
6- in the System Administrator account Settings->Users tab, the first filtering gets applied with no issues, but when changing something in the filters and trying to apply again, nothing happens
I can provide more details if necessary.

  1. This looks like the translations are not being pulled. Is this an upgrade?

  2. You need to make sure that the Agencies are translated into Arabic. It is not sufficient to have just the English name

  3. You should be able to change the translations in the user interface

  4. You can hide this field and then create another one with the drop down. This is in the admin section. Please never delete (only hide) any fields

  5. You should be able to change the translations in the user interface

  6. This has just been fixed in version 2.2.2 which will be rolled out this week

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Thank you @irlawrence for your prompt reply, they are pretty helpful.