Requesting a transfer in CPIMS+ v2

Searching for Cases Managed By Other Users

Some users have the ability to search for and view limited information about records managed by other users. When users with this ability perform a search and arrive at the Search Results page, they may see Cases for which they have full access (for example, a Case they manage) as well as Cases for which they do not have full access (for example, a Case managed by another user at another organization or district).

When the user clicks on a Case in the Search Results page…

  • '- If they have full access, they arrive at the View Case page.
  • '- If they do not have full access, the View Details modal appears.

The View Details Modal

The View Details modal displays a small set of fields about a Case. This allows you to see some limited information about a Case managed by another user, without endangering the data confidentiality of the Case.

You can see a button labelled Request Transfer at the bottom of this modal. For more information on this action, please see the Requesting a Case Transfer section.

In order to ensure Users are able to see the “Request Transfer” in their role the following permissions must be checked:

And for the User who received the transfer request, if their user account is configured with an email address and the ability to receive email notifications, they will receive a notification telling them about your request for a record transfer. If there is no email address, they can also accept or reject a transfer request in the system.

If the Case record owner clicks on the link in the email, they will arrive at the case record in Primero. Here they will see an alert in the Form Navigation Menu on the Transfers / Assignments form. Here, they can expand the transfer request subform to see the details of your request, including any notes you have included.

At this point, the record owner can choose whether or not to transfer the record to the user who requested the transfer. They must have the permission to transfer a case if they chose to transfer the record.