Roles Case Management Supervisors & Organization Focal Points unable to assign case records

CM Supervisor and Org Focal Point unable to use the ‘assign’ function to assign record owners from one caseworker to the next. The expected function is that when these roles assign a case record to another caseworker there is a banner that reads 'CASE ID# successfully transferred. This notification does not pop-up and the record owner does not change suggesting that the assign function is not working. Able to reproduce in alpha with some case records- but not others.

Tips on troubleshooting would be appreciated.

Which country is this being reported in?

This is being reported in Lebanon.

A similar thing has been reported regarding incidents on Cases when a GBV supervisor not able to assign a case with Incident to a different user

Steps to replicate:

  1. Login as GBV Supervisor
  2. Pick a case where Incident has been created
  3. Assign the case to a different user. Note the case is not resassigned and current owner details are not changed to different user

This has been fixed by Merged in prim-2408-assign-gbv-cases-incidents (pull request #5018) · primeroIMS/primero@7491293 · GitHub