Roles Configuration - Manager Checkbox

What does the ‘Manager’ checkbox do when configuring a user?

If a user account does not have the “Manager” checkbox selected. This means that it sees the names of cases in the case list, but also has the wrong dashboards.

While leaving this un-checked for a supervisor allows them to see the names of cases in the case list, it also changes the dashboards they see. As an example, take a look at the supervisor_1 user’s dashboard on the training site, pictured below:
Now compare that with the dashboard for supervisor_2 with ‘manager’ checked:

This second dashboard is the one case coordinators usually see. The “Total” of 29 that the supervisor_2 sees is actually the number of cases that supervisor_2 manages directly. If you login as supervisor_2 and go to the case list, you’ll see that, in reality, they have access to 166 cases (the number managed by all the case coordinators in that supervisor’s user groups). This issue extends to the rest of the dashboard as well: this supervisor will see numbers in the dashboard which pertain only to their own cases, rather than the cases of their team.

In summary, when admins are creating supervisor user accounts, they can choose to leave the “Manager” checkbox un-selected if they want that supervisor to see the names of cases in the case list, but this will also limit that supervisor’s ability to manage their team using the dashboards.