Search Functionality in CPIMS+

What is the point of searching for the child? Do you do this because you have so many child cases that’s it’s impossible to remember if the child has been entered?

There are different reasons: one might be that if 2 organisations are working in the same camp/location, we want to ensure that the child is not already registered by another organisation for case management and so that, if he/she is, then we coordinate to try to understand why they are being identified again.

Are you searching for this child across everyone’s cases in your instance?

Yes, we are searching for this child across everyone’s cases in one instance.

If you are searching for the child across all the incidents, how do you determine what information about the child is safe to show for someone to determine if it’s a case that’s already entered?

It is determined this at country level, and it would be the minimum dataset required, ideally just an ID number, and at most a few data points such as name, age, sex.

Is that configured in country?

It’s a search to the overall instance – it works with national ID and proGres v4 number. You can also search by name. The search is also configurable so not all instances can search by proGres number.

If you see the child is already registered or already has a case started and it’s not from you, then how do you proceed? Do you “take over” the case from the existing case worker or registered or do you notify them? How does this work?

You normally just inform the current case worker holder through the system to tell that you came across this case s/he supports (if the case is already open by someone else but you came across with noticing some needs it means the case is not well followed up). Then, you can discuss on the way forward. The recommendation is to keep the same case worker for one child, so we are not recommending to change case worker. There is a functionality where you can request a transfer of the case though if that has been agreed to in the implementation configuration. Essentially, you can search for a case, only view specific fields and then request transfer where you communicate via the system. But of course there should be an SOP if this functionality is needed. In addition, the request for transfer shouldn’t happen unless there has been a conversation between the case workers as to why a transfer would be appropriate and in the child’s best interest, and this should receive approval from a Case Management Manager.