Select dropdowns aren't retaining true / false values

We are noticing an issue where select values are not maintained on editing a case. The value is pulled correctly into the html
<select name="child[examino_el_medico]" id="psychologists_interview_child_examino_el_medico" class="chosen-select " data-placeholder="(Select...)" data-field-tags="[]" data-populate="lookup-yes-no" data-value="true" is_disabled="false" data-abide-ignore="" style="display: none;"><option value="" default="" selected="">(Select...)</option><option value="true">Yes</option><option value="false">No</option></select>
however the true does not get represented in the dropdown.

If this issue persists with the Guatemala colleagues, a permanent solution may be required for this issue that we are seeing in v1.7 once we know why selects have stopped showing the correct values on editing. I will make sure this issue is not carried over in Primero v2 as we are planning to upgrade all environments by Q1 2022 to v2.