Self Hosting Primero issues

Hi all,
This is Surawat P., Kim, I have some problems on installing Primero. Please kindly find the issues on each topic.

**Sever deployment environment configuration guidance

  • As it has suggested using Ubuntu sever 20.04, but according to the requirement has never mentioned that how to use Ubuntu for deployment. Per using mac for installation and it success. Meaning that it is assuming that different environment may cause an error.
  • It is required Quoin to be cleared if it is a must for using Ubuntu, is there are any guideline for support this.? Are there any best practice for environment for deployment?
  • Sever Production Environment and Alpha environment Configuration
    • Regarding deployment sever guideline, assuming it is required Ubuntu for running the environment. The ministry has prepared two sever which the first one is for production environment and second one is for alpha(UAT) environment. Is there are any other guideline rather than this Github?
    • Secondly, assuming that we can use the current demo as alpha site. May be the government can use the alpha sever to be deployment sever, which will bring back to requesting Ubuntu setting guideline.
    • Requesting guideline for maintaining the production, alpha, and deployment environment
  • Guideline for application configuration promotion
    • I has tried to find the GitHub configuration method, but couldn’t find the method of extracting/exporting configuration from alpha to production. It would be best if Quoin can support us on providing the clear guideline for exporting configuration.
    • Assuming we need to do exporting configuration, does Docker required to be applied to transfer the configuration.
  • Backup Plan
    • Is there are any back up plan, in case, any production, and alpha site crash. From sever guideline, UNICEF Azure Kubernetes infrastructure is used to monitor the sever, so is there any back up plan in the worst case that both or any sever fails questions


For the installation guide I used Ubuntu 20.04 on both the target and deployment machines. It will likely work using Mac OSX for the deployment machine (untested so just a guess) and might work using Windows (with the Linux sub system) as the deployment machine (again untested so even more of a guess)
Configurations can no longer be exported as they were in v1 - they can however be promoted from alpha to production.
A backup strategy must always be in place - minimally that would be to backup the database. One tool to do that is pg_dump. This command must be run as a user with read permissions to the database you intend to back up.

Log in as the postgres user:

su - postgres

Dump the contents of a database to a file by running the following command. Replace dbname with the name of the database to be backed up.

pg_dump dbname > dbname.bak

The resulting backup file, dbname.bak, can be transferred to another host with scp or stored locally for later us