Self Hosting V2 Ansible issue

I have forked Primero-v2 in a private repo and deployed it on a ubuntu server using Ansible.
While running ansible configure,start command, i get this error

I have updated sudoers on server to no password, tried adding --ask-become-password option too but on using that flag, ansible gets stuck on pull from git.

I can see the latest code on the server in directory /srv/primero outside container.
But when I go to any container i.e. primero_application_1 container, I don’t see any latest code there. I have updated inventory.yml file with the private repo and the required branch. Also, because of this issue, I don’t see any new changes on the deployed server UI.

I think it is asking for the password to your private repository so that it can clone it

But I have already provided that password in the repository url

I cloned primeroims in a private repository and did some code changes and wanted to deploy the latest code changes to the server/production. But, the docker was pulling docker images from UNICEF default server and that was not helping. So, I removed that repository from file, that way it used my local code changes and that way I was able to get my latest code changes on server without any password error. Password error was for docker image repository.

Great you managed to solve it and thanks for dropping the answer here for others