Service Referral form errors

Date field is not visible on the form to edit/save

New helpdesk comment

This issue requires your attention. [~ian_brasil], []

New helpdesk comment

My suggestions to fix this would be either:

  1. we make the date field not mandatory through the JSON

  2. we remove the field all together in the JSON

Are there any considerations/reservations for either option?

This does not fix the issue though. How did the system allow saving a form with a mandatory field without it filled out (or filled out incorrectly)?

We fixed the issue directly on the database by removing the date fields on the record itself. The case worker it seems had created some service referrals and then instead of removing them as they were not relevant had changed them to ‘Service Not Applicable’ and then Saved the record, Consequently the old fields were in the database but inaccessible