SSO Login Errors

Once I am logged into the Jordan’s production site, whenever I navigate to a new page, a window will pop up asking me to select my provider. I am unable to navigate around the site without choosing my provider every time I go to a new page. I should only be asked my provider once I am logged in, and not while I am logged in.
Jordan Login_7Nov22

This issue was related to Azure outages which occured on November 7, 2022. The services were restored on November 8, 2022 which resolved this issue.

As a follow up to this, users in South Sudan are also having issues with SSO. They have tried to login using Incognito and it does not resolve the issue.

The user experiencing this issue:

Please see below the error msg.

Request Id: e010e945-85dd-47e5-b205-5b51c140da03

Correlation Id: 412a5282-b418-4ba8-a0c2-7e2e237cb94b

Timestamp: 2022-11-16T16:57:08Z

Message: AADSTS50020: User account ‘’ from identity provider ‘’ does not exist in tenant ‘UNICEF’ and cannot access the application ‘dd28b1d8-25d5-4c2a-9d03-52c22519f238’(uni-UNICEF Partners B2C App) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.

Hello Colleagues,

Any update on the resolution of this issue. Partners unable to access their accounts and this is causing frustration among users. Your kind support would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Follow up has been pending on UNICEF ICTD for debugging and planned call in February with users having issues for screen share is planned for mid-February.

Were able to get on call with user and was not able to replicate issue and user was able to log in. For the users that are reporting they are not able to log in could you kindly request that they:

  1. Go to Chrome Browser
  2. Go to Incognito Window
  3. Select “Log in with Primero Username”
  4. And follow the prompts
  5. The system will also ask to enter a phone number to recover their password which looks like this, please have the users enter a phone number in this step and do not skip this step: