Sub Form Export issue in PDF

When we do a PDF export for a case with forms which contains sub forms, the pdf shows a field with sub form name and collection of some code in data field. I have attached an image to show case this. Please advise how to solve this

Hi there,

Just so we can get a better idea of what’s going on here, what version of Primero are you using, and which instance is this for? This will let us know what code may be causing this, and which subform is appearing in your export.


1.7.32,CPIMS, CP, Intake assessment, Assessment details

@jack.miszencin they are using CPIMS v1.7 for UNRWA. They are using the default code base and no custom code changes.

One other question: Below the row shown in the screenshot, are you seeing the details of each “Individual Details” subform entry?

yes the sub form details is shown , but the problem is with the field with the sub form name that is showing the code