System logging users out

All users are reporting continued incidents of them being logged out of GBVIMS+ while they are in the middle of entering data. This causes them to lose the data they had been entering. They are still online when this happens (but even if they weren’t, when you lose connectivity you should go into offline mode, not be logged out).

There are a few problems that could be causing this. We believe it could be a VPN, or special networking security rules that organizations set on their laptops. Are all users using the same laptops?

Also, is the behaviour only occuring with incidents or cases as well?

Lastly, are you hearing feedback on this in Tanzania GBVIMS+ v2?

Update: VPN is enabled in-country. In-country team is testing the system when the VPN is disconnected for 1 user to see is issue persists.


Also confirming the same issue on the GBVIMS+ v2 Production site. Mainly happens when navigating forms in the incident section. Confirming that I am not using a VPN.

Hi Elfriede and Megan, with the latest releases over the last 3 months, we have included many improvements dedicated to stability. Have any users reported this to you again recently?