Unable To Attach Documents To Cases

Good day, I have a user who is attempting to upload documents to a case. Everytime she does it she gets a message saying the case has been uploaded successfully, however nothing is shown on the case. There is however, a flagged notification on her support with a heading called “unsubmitted offline changes” with this error: [missing “en.forms.record_types.undefined” translation].

Verified this is a bug, added to v2 UAT to be priortized and fixed. Will inform you once this is complete. Thanks Mark!

Fixed in 2.5.0 release.

Hi Team,
Reporting that this same issue is happening with GBVIMS+ V2 in Lebanon (system version 2.6.1). Caseworkers upload a document, get a message which confirms that the document has been uploaded after saving, then when they try to retrieve the document it is not there.

The issue with the ‘unsubmitted offline changes’ is also present i.e. when the caseworker tries to ‘submit’ the list of changes, they get an error message.

Unfortunately I am unable to upload the video’s of these issues here, but will share directly with Jan.

Thanks for your support in resolving.

Kind regards

Escalated to the developers to remediate, will revert back shortly with an update.