Unable to see an option to create module

Unable to locate an option to create module as mentioned in PrimeroAdmin Guide
As documented in the below reference:
[How it Works: The Building Blocks · Primero Administration Guide](https://Admin Guide)
Where will be see this option. in a specific module or

Hi there,

The link you have posted here for the documentation is the outdated Primero v1 administrator guide. Please find the most up-to-date documentation here: Documentation - Support Primero

Note that version 2 of Primero does not allow administrators to create a module. Generally speaking, you should be able to configure the system to your needs using the existing, standard modules. Please respond in the thread if there are any specific changes you wish to make which require the creation of a new module or if you have questions about how to make a specific configuration change.

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Thanks a lot Jack.
Makes sense