Unmark for Mobile not working


When we mark a case for mobile and sync the app. the cases are synced to mobile app and gets displayed. But when we unmark the case and sync, it does not disappear from mobile. This can be an issue if the edits the case but won’t be synced.

Hi Ajit,

Synchronization from the mobile application will happen if any case is marked or unmarked for mobile. For example, if you mark for mobile and sync it does display on the mobile. If you unmark the same case, and edit that case, and then sync, any edits will be pushed to the web.

Unmark for mobile indicates that any cases/case data on the web will not go to the mobile.

For a case to disappear from the case list view on the mobile, you must remove it by selecting the trash icon on the mobile app. If a case is removed from the mobile, this does not mean it is removed from the web application but only from editing via the mobile application. Another way to remove cases from the mobile list view is if you clear data cache (via storage/settings and clear data or clear cache) or if you uninstall/reinstall the app.