Using Transifex

This guidance is in addition to the Transifex Videos and describes the process of translating forms and fields in Primero.

In order to adapt to local contexts, Primero needs to be able to be translated in to different languages. Primero uses Transifex to do this.

If you are a helping in translating the languages, please follow the process defined in the videos.

For Developers you will follow this process to deploy the translations into Primero:

  • Check out a feature branch from maint_1.6
  • Pull the translated PT app strings from transifex and commit them as a config/locales/pt.yml
  • Merge back to maint_1.6
  • Deploy to QA
  • Test
  • Either repeat process or good enough for prod
  • Download the translated pt strings
  • Copy them to the target machine /srv/primero/application/config/locales/pt.yml (make sure the file is owned by primero:primero)
  • Restart Primero to load the translations: sudo /srv/primero/bin/primeroctl restart