Virtual Machine and Virtualization

When I try to install, my computer tells me that I need to enable virtualization. What does that mean, and how do I fix it?

Virtualization is what allows Primero to run a server inside your computer and thus make Primero available via the web browser. For instructions on how to enable virtualization, please consult the Primero Windows Installer - Administration and Installation Guide:

A common issue that we have seen is kernel issues on OSX:

What are the various ways I can save my configuration states in VirtualBox?

In VirtualBox you can save configuration states and revert to a previous configuration. There are 2 ways to do this: cloning a machine or taking a snapshot. What’s the difference between snapshot and clone? Clone is the whole system but what is a snapshot?

  • Linked clone tracks the machine’s state
  • VM is a version of the config with our default settings

Snapshot is used to erase some changes. Do this by closing your VM. Click on the bulleted list of the machine, and then select snapshot. This saves the machine state at a specific point in time. Then if you make a change that breaks everything, you can go back to your snapshot. You rename the snapshots to save them and your progress.