Working in offlinemode

please I need clarification in working in the offline mode of CIMPS VR2
In a situation where the user working in offline mode enters data but then the user closes the browser or restart the computer! In this case, will the data entered by the user be available in the next login.?

  1. What forms can a user interact with, or the functionality a user perform whiles in offline mode?

Thank you

Hi Kingsley,

In the situation you described (a person is offline, saves information to a case, then closes the browser or turns off their device), the information they entered will still be there when they turn on their computer / open their browser again and go back into Primero. As soon as they are able to get back into Primero, so long as their device is online, the changes they saved while offline will be synced up to the server from their device.

Please note, however, that this will only work if this person logs back in as the same user (i.e. if they are logged out and then log back in as a different user, the data they entered offline will be gone forever).

I hope this helps.