GBVIMS+ v2 Incident Recorder Export Issue

Hello! There have been several bugs identified when exporting for the Incident Recorder (IR):

  1. The locations that have been selected in the system are not included in the export of the IR. Instead, those data fields show up blank. These locations have been verified and imported by the system developers and are correct in the system.

  2. There is a service referral that is not included in the data when the IR is exported. Specifically, this is for Cash Assistance.

  3. The question “past GBV with perp” is not exporting “yes” answers for the IR. Although it does export “no” responses.

  4. The question “Wants Legal Action” is missing from the system and IR export.

What instance is this for?

This is for the Jordan and Tanzania instance. The question “wants legal action” is in the system and does work, so please ignore that part of the above report. Thank you!

Do you have the location types correctly specified as per this

Yes! These locations were set up with Jozian, and are now used as the example forms.

Hello! I exported the Incident Recorder today, and there are data fields, that when answered “no” in the system, are showing up blank (rather than with the answer “no”) when exported. These include:

Is the survivor a person with disablities?
Consent is given to share non-identifiable information for reporting?