Mobile Configuration

Are there any other configurations that need to be done for mobile app to work? I tried connecting and it always says, check your url or network.

Did you run the primero update script on the server?

sudo /srv/primero/bin/primeroctl restart.

If you made changes (added users) and then try to login with that user it will fail if that script is not run. The workflow is:

  1. Add users / make changes
  2. Run script to update server
  3. Login on device.

Also you need to be running your server on a domain and not an IP address

Is there any constraint on the url
i have my url like this and i restarted the server still same error.

Hi @shettyajit9!
I have never tried running primero like that so not sure
I made a post here yesterday which explains the process of setting up a server. What you should do is commit your changes to a branch on git and then deploy that branch this way. It uses Linode but you can use anything you like as long as there is a domain.
Also check if you are behind a firewall and can access

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