Packaging the Primero-Dashboard solution!

Hello, Primero Community! Aleksa here from the OpenFn team that has been partnering with UNICEF on Primero interoperability projects.

We’re considering what it would take to package a Primero-Dashboard solution to enable better reporting and regularly monitoring of key indicators based on data collected in Primero. This solution is building upon the success of the Cambodia Dashboard solution (the 2023 Primero Data Challenge winners) - read more about it here.

See this diagram for the key components of this envisioned solution, which could be designed to only include open source software.

If this solution looks like something you’d want in your country, can you please help us answer the questions below? This will help us assess demand and start to gather high-level requirements.

**Questions for the Community**
    1. (1) What types of indicators would you monitor/report on with a dashboard solution? (We’re wondering if there are indicators that are common across teams/countries.)
    1. (2) What data analysis/dashboard tools is your team already already comfortable with? (e.g., PowerBI, Tableau)
    1. (3) Who on your team is typically responsible for reporting on key indicators? Who would be the “users” of this solution?
    1. (4) What data security & compliance requirements or concerns related to reporting are important to your stakeholders?